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Hi there! My name is Elena K. Ferdinand and I'm a Mixed Media Artist. Lanie is short for Elena and the "K" represents both my middle name which is Katherine and maiden name, Kotsopoulos. 

Artist's Statement

My work is intuitive mostly. I start with one or two colors and let the medium take me on an adventure. It is the only time I am comfortable not having direction. While I practice a broad range of art techniques, my passion is for abstract painting, mark-making, and collage. I love to incorporate my customized digital, mono-print, and freehand, collage elements into my work. In fact, a majority of my pieces will include a combination of the three. Some of my favorite mediums are heavy-body and liquid acrylic paints, India ink, and water-soluble crayons and pencils.


I create to provoke thought and emotion you wouldn’t necessarily think or feel otherwise. I am intrigued by the vast differences between extremes and strive to capture them in my work. The intense need to push myself out of my perfectly proportioned and symmetrical comfort zone motivates me to create on a daily basis. My inspiration comes from intricacy and simplicity and order and chaos (in life and art). It comes from places and objects that boast playful proportions, high contrast, vibrancy, and complimentary color palettes. It comes from the art community and the many talented artists I’ve been lucky enough to meet and know.


My art are not just works on paper, they are conversation pieces. They encourage fun and positive social interactions and inspire artistic perspective.

Elena Ferdinand Lanie K. Art Promo Photo
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